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Welsh Taekwondo Dragons were established in January 2019 by a father and son who are very passionate about Taekwondo. Chief instructor Mr Salam Abdul started his taekwondo journey in 1985 with ITF, which he had done for a year and a half. Then in 1987, he started taking Karate lesson for about a year. He also took part in Tai Chi lessons for 6 months. His passion then got passed down to his son Baaqi Abdul at the age of 5. He then started taking lessons along with his son with Taekwondo Cymru taught by Master Porl Stone which is Olympic style taekwondo. Over the years Baaqi Abdul has competed in regional, national and international competitions. His most notable achievement was representing Wales alongside 2 times Olympian Jade Jones in the 6th Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships. Whilst their time at Taekwondo Cymru both father and son have acquired Kukkiwon and British taekwondo approved black belts. As well as all that Salam Abdul was awarded a Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Taekwondo by British Taekwondo. Also has a World Taekwondo European Coaching License.

Salam Abdul also served as an instructor with Taekwondo Cymru and Baaqi Abdul was an assistant instructor. Both played a key role in the development of their students. This has trained and equipped them with the essential skills required.

After many requests, by parents and members of the community, they both decided to open their own club in the heart of Wales where Baaqi Abdul’s journey started. The identity of the club was decided to be named as the Welsh Taekwondo Dragons because the red dragon is the key symbol of Wales. As Taekwondo comes from Korea, Koreans believe that the dragons are a legendary creature in Korean mythology. Therefore, Welsh Dragons represent the fierce dragons of both Wales and Korea.

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